"Finish it" bundles
Don't Give up on your Dream
Sometimes we need a little help getting across the finish line.

Quickly finish your cookbook with one of our "Finish It" Bundles that help with Design, Typing and Marketing.
Your Biggest Problem
The number one problem we see, is cookbook author starting their books - but not finishing them. It is heartbreaking to watch because so many wonderful ideas and meals never meet their intended audience!

There are lots of things we can decide to not finish - that Netflix series, your latest Disney movie marathon, checking up on exes on Facebook. 😂Wouldn't you rather be in the company of people who "finished"?

Julia Child finished.
Alton Brown finished.
Ina Garten finished.

Will you be the next celebrity chef? Who knows. What we do know is those people probably don't regret finishing, right?  
Custom Cover Design 
The cover of your cookbook gives your audience their first impression of your cookbook. It's important to look professional! Getting your cover professionally designed by our design team ensures your cookbook is gonna sell, PLUS it takes the stress off of you. 
  •  You take a quick survey so we better understand your design preference/s
  •  One feedback and revision round is included
  •  All design work is created by our professionally trained design staff
Section Dividers
What is a cookbook without beautiful section dividers to keep it organized?! Don’t worry you don’t have to think about this at all! Our designers will design and insert your section dividers for you. You just keep cooking up those delicious meals! 
  •  Our design staff works to create a cohesive style that matches your cover design
  •  You can use personal images or we can create custom designs
Font Selections 
Fonts give your book personality and a touch of voice. Our design team will handpick the perfect fonts for your cookbook. 
  •  Never get stuck worrying about "what font do I choose?!?" our design team will pick the perfect font that creates a cohesive design style for your entire book!
Sample proofs 
See firsthand what your cookbook will look and feel like! You can choose from any of our binding styles!
  •  Don't let your store go live without taking advantage of the FREE proof we offer.
  •  Review your proof and confirm everything is exactly as you expect!
Get access to your cookbook and recipes via the CreateMyCookbook App. Recipe Search provides a modern convenience! 
  •  Have your recipes in your back pocket at all times
  •  You can view in cookbook mode with images and all or just plain text mode to get cookin in a jiffy!
Access to Fulfillment Services
You don't have to order a bunch of inventory to sell your cookbook. Our print-on-demand system is specifically designed to reduce your upfront costs.
  • No need to buy inventory
  •  We print and ship for you
  •  Customers can choose their own shipping options
  •  Customers get a shipping notification via email
We'll type up to 100 recipes 
*Available to Pro Plus Bundle customers only.
You have the recipes, just not the time to type them. Hey, we get it! Just snap photos of those jewels and let's take it from there! 
  •  Just snap a photo of your recipe and we'll do the rest!
  •  Recipes are typed within 1 business day
  •  You can easily edit recipes after they've been typed
  •  98% accuracy, even with hard to read cursive handwriting
  •  Finish your cookbook in hours, not days
Marketing & Promotion Services
*Available to Pro Plus Bundle customers only.
What good is a beautiful cookbook if it doesn't reach its intended audience? We've designed our marketing and promotion services to give tools for maximum exposure & sales!
  •  Get a custom store page where you can sell your book, no programming or website necessary
  •  You decide your price-point and profitability with our included pricing tools
  •  Up to 5 ISBNs (each binding style needs its own ISBN)
  •  A one-hour consultation with Shaun Chavis of Saltshaker Media, a professional cookbook editor 
  •  Shaun will review your proposal and give your tips for creating a  marketing strategy and promoting your cookbook
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